Rockstar's Story

Peanuts, Cashews, and Coconuts. Plus, yummy, scrumptious classic toppings, too! 

Once upon a time, in an enchanted village of Yum, lived a talented musician named Rockstar who discovered his extraordinary talent within a magical guitar named Sweets. Strumming under an ancient oak tree one sunny afternoon, he felt warmth emanate from Sweets, causing magical nuts—peanuts, cashews, and coconuts—to grow in harmony with the melody. Rockstar, amazed by this extraordinary power, turned the nuts into a delectable treat named ROCKSTAR IN A JAR. As the village flourished, Rockstar realized Sweet’s true power was in uniting people through yummy snacks, leaving behind a legacy of magic, joy, and love.

“Embrace a world where sharing kindness, caring hearts, and snacking on healthier choices come together to create a ripple effect of positive change. When we nourish our bodies with foods that matter and share the goodness, we not only cultivate a healthier lifestyle but also contribute to a happier, more harmonious world. Let’s snack with purpose and spread love and the joy of well-being together! 😎✌️✨ #WithWarmGratitude #BetterWorld #EmpowerChange”

“Our Jars Won’t Change The World, But The People Who Eat Them Will.” 🌍💫

Thank you for all the love & support.

We ❤️ You!

Every jar gives you a jamming edge to go all in! Spread ❤️ Love

Honcho Love Spreader

Everyone deserves a chance to be a rockstar, let's party!

Patrick Williams NB-Mixologist

Meet Our Yummy Superstars


Peanuts are rich in nutrients like protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. These nuts contain heart-healthy fats, promote digestive health, and can help manage blood sugar levels. They are a source of antioxidants and can support weight management due to their satiety-inducing properties. However, given their calorie density, portion control is crucial.


Cashews are a nutritious addition to your diet, providing several health benefits. They are a good source of protein, healthy fats, vitamins (such as vitamin E and B vitamins), and minerals (like magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc). These nutrients support muscle function, heart health, and overall well-being. Cashews also offer antioxidants and can help manage weight by promoting a feeling of fullness.


Coconuts offer various health benefits due to their unique nutritional profile. They are rich in healthy fats, particularly medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which can provide a quick source of energy and support weight management. Coconuts also contain fiber, vitamins (such as vitamin C and B vitamins), and minerals (including potassium and manganese). They are known for their potential to boost heart health, aid digestion, and have antimicrobial properties.